Importance of video content in the coming decade

Video marketing has been around for some time now. Can it be the way to lead the digital marketing wagon in the future?  

With all social media pioneers, including Mark Zuckerberg, committing to video content being the place where the audience is and will be, here are the reasons why video might rule the digital landscape soon. 

The Power of Visuals 

Human beings are visual beings with video content offering information that is more impressionable, easy to comprehend and remember. It is easier to create a brand impression that lasts with a messaging that can sink in deeper with video marketing. Remember that ad jingle you couldn’t get out of your head for days? That’s what we’re talking about. 

Speed, Speed, Speed 

This was where the challenge was. Till now, the buffer speed of a video was something that kept users away from watching the whole deal or giving up on the video entirely. With the advent and launch of 5G, we’ll have the power of superfast internet connectivity at our fingertips. No video buffer time equals more video views per person per day.  

Versatility Factor 

Another reason why video marketing is a hit not just with the audience but also with the marketing people is its flexibility. Want to do a remarketing of existing content or covey how good your customer service division is? Want to give a face to your brand that your audience can relate with or want to boost your email campaign? Video holds the key to all these. 


Video content has been known to increase website traffic. With increase in user dwelling time and reducing the bounce rate of the incoming audience, videos are also Google friendly. Ranking high on the Google SERP list, videos also feature on snippets more than written content. 

Conversion Power 

Sales and videos complement each other, with videos capable of spicing up you sales pitch and driving your brand message home. Including a product video on your landing page or other pages which lead to the landing page with a strong CTA is advisable to drive sales. 


Google is not the only engine that is partial to video content. All social platforms love the video formats more than others. With multiple formats like Boomerangs, reels and IGTV on the go, videos have many formats on all platforms, not alone core video platforms like TikTok but also Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Virality Factor 

Not just capable of engaging audience, videos have the power to set trends and be a massive conversation point. With massive viral potential, videos have the power to be passed over and followed giving it amazing reach in a short span of time. And the best part, a viral video can come from anyone, anywhere and span the whole world nonetheless. 

With so much going for video marketing, brands should definitely focus on this format and keep using it actively in their business plans. 

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